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Location of the reciprocating Langmuir probes at TJ-II

TJ-II has two fast reciprocating drives for Langmuir probes (with a displacement velocity of approximately 1 m/s). [1] [2] [3] Probe drive 1 is located at φ = 38.2°, R=134 cm (sector D4) and probe drive 2 at φ = 195° (sector B2).

Probe heads

Several different heads can be mounted on the reciprocating drives: e.g., staircase Langmuir probes, a rake probe (as of 2009), or a multi-pin Langmuir probe (2010). A biasing probe has also been used.

Photo of a staircase Langmuir probe head with three sets of measurement pins
Photo of a multipin Langmuir probe head
Photo of a Langmuir rake probe head

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