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List of Women in Plasma Physics


  • At the EPS 2016, Leuven, we had 114 female and 644 male participants, i.e. 14% female.
  • At the EPS 2020, online, we had 120 female and 606 male participants, i.e. 16.5% female.

Below please find a draft list of Women in Plasma Physics. You can add your information here, and/or use it to find a mentor.

Surnames, First names web and email Institution, Country Area since Expertise
Solano, Emilia R. emilia.solano at ciemat.es CIEMAT, Spain MCF 1983 tokamak equilibrium, pedestal, ELMs, transport barriers, H-mode, phase transitions
Fajardo, Marta marta.fajardo at tecnico.ulisboa.pt IPFN, IST, Portugal BPIF 1997 laser-plasma interaction, secondary sources, X-ray metrology
Crombe, Kristel kristel.crombe at ugent.be Ghent University and Laboratory for Plasma Physics - ERM/KMS, Belgium MCF 2001 RF plasma heating, plasma wave interactions, CXRS spectroscopy
Jacquemot, Sylvie sylvie.jacquemot at polytechnique.fr LULI, France BPIF 1985 laser-produced plasmas, ICF, x-ray lasers, secondary sources
Kovacevic, Eva eva.kovacevic at univ-orleans.fr, eva.kovacevic at gmail.com GREMI UMR 7344, CNRS et Université d'Orleans, France LTP ... low temperature plasmas, dusty plasmas, plasma-surface interactions, plasma and material diagnostics, mobility
Mantica, Paola mantica@ifp.cnr.it IFP CNR Milano Italy MCF 1985 Experimental investigation and modelling of turbulent transport in tokamaks
Wolfrum, Eliabeth e.wolfrum at ipp.mpg.de Max Planck Institut f Plasmaphysik, IPP, Garching, Germany MCF 2000 plasma edge physics, pedestal, ELMs, edge transport, diagnostics
Amato, Elena amato@arcetri.astro.it INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Firenze, Italy BASP 2001 astrophysical plasmas
Fülöp, Tünde tunde@chalmers.se Department of Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden MCF 1994 theoretical plasma physics
Pautasso, Gabriella Gabriella.Pautasso@ipp.mpg.de Tokamak Department, Max Planck Institut fuer Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany MCF 1985 plasma physics, fusion technology, disruptions, runaway electrons


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