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TJ-II Model

Creation of a new proposal

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  2. Type the name of your proposal page in the field below. The required format is: 'TJ-II:Title of my proposal' (without the apostrophes). Note the 'TJ-II:' at the beginning!
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Your proposal will automatically be included in the lists below (provided you don't delete the relevant lines at the end of your proposal). You may need to reload this page to update the lists.

Experimental proposals, Spring 2019

Deadline: January 29, 2019

  1. TJ-II:Comparison of the ionic effective charge of TJ-II plasmas after recent vacuum wall boronization/lithiumization with Laser Blow-off contaminated plasmas using visible bremsstrahlung emissions
  2. TJ-II:In situ, real time boronization of TJ-II
  3. TJ-II:Influence of edge radial electric fields on particle and heat in the SOL
  4. TJ-II:Re-commissioning of Fast Ion Loss Detector
  5. TJ-II:Role of isotope mass on the radial width of Zonal Flows
  6. TJ-II:Routine and systematic use of the LIBS
  7. TJ-II:Searching for zonal fields and zonal flows driven by fast particles in TJ-II

Experimental proposals, Autumn 2018

Deadline: October 10, 2018

  1. TJ-II:Er and turbulence asymmetries in low ripple configurations measured by Doppler reflectometry
  2. TJ-II:Influence of positive and negative density gradients in turbulent transport using the HIBP system
  3. TJ-II:Pellet Injections into TJ-II plasmas with core fast electron population
  4. TJ-II:Radiation asymmetries and potential variations
  5. TJ-II:Real Time lithiatiation of TJII
  6. TJ-II:Turbulence spreading and ECRH modulation experiments in the TJ-II stellarator
  7. TJ-II:Validation of ECCD predictions in TJ-II ECRH plasmas

Experimental proposals, Spring 2018

Deadline: March 7, 2018

  1. TJ-II:Blobs vs streamers
  2. TJ-II:Dependence of NBI-driven Alfvén Eigenmodes on NBI energy and power
  3. TJ-II:ECRH system calibration
  4. TJ-II:Evaluation of Neoclassical transport correction terms in TJ-II
  5. TJ-II:Fast Camera studies with triple bundle
  6. TJ-II:Improving fuelling efficiency in TJ-II ECRH plasmas
  7. TJ-II:Influence of electron / ion root and ion mass on the radial and frequency structure of zonal flows in TJ-II
  8. TJ-II:Infrared thermography of the NBI Beam Stop: NBI contribution to plasma fuelling
  9. TJ-II:Investigation of the ECRH power level and deposition radius on impurity confinement after injection by laser blow-off in TJ-II
  10. TJ-II:Observation of suprathermal ions with Neutral Particle Analyzers during electron cyclotron heating in the TJ-II stellarator
  11. TJ-II:Plasma fueling experiments: influence of gas puffing distribution on plasma behaviour
  12. TJ-II:Poloidal 2D scans to investigate potential and density profiles in the TJ-II stellarator using dual Heavy ion beam probe diagnostic
  13. TJ-II:Studies of LIquid Metal insertion in TJ-II
  14. TJ-II:The influence of a core fast electron population on pellet fuelling efficiency in TJ-II
  15. TJ-II:Transport analysis by means of the Transfer Entropy
  16. TJ-II:Turbulence and radial electric field asymmetries in high iota magnetic configuration measured by Doppler reflectometry
  17. TJ-II:Turbulence studies during transient pellet induced regimes
  18. TJ-II:Understanding an often observed transient rise in core electron temperature during pellet injection into TJ-II plasmas
  19. TJ-II:Validation of bootstrap predictions
  20. TJ-II: Radiation asymmetries and potential variations

Experimental proposals, Spring 2017

Deadline: January 26, 2017

  1. TJ-II:Alfven Eigenmodes and biasing in TJ-II
  2. TJ-II:Comparison of transport of on-axis and off-axis ECH-heated plasmas
  3. TJ-II:Effect of ECRH on the characteristics of Alfven Eigenmodes activity
  4. TJ-II:Effect of pellet injection on the radial electric field profile of stellarators
  5. TJ-II:Excitation of zonal flow oscillations by energetic particles
  6. TJ-II:Impurity density and potential asymmetries
  7. TJ-II:Impurity injection by laser blow-off: influence of main ions charge/mass on impurity confinement and transport
  8. TJ-II:Investigating the Alfvén Wave damping
  9. TJ-II:Investigation of plasma asymmetries in the TJ-II stellarator and comparison with Gyrokinetic simulations
  10. TJ-II:Investigation of the mechanism of decoupling between energy and particle transport channels: Proposal for joint experiments in TJ-II and H-J
  11. TJ-II:Investigation of turbulence spreading and information transfer in the TJ-II stellarator
  12. TJ-II:L-H Transition and Isotope Effect in low magnetic ripple configurations
  13. TJ-II:Measurement of Te and ne of Blobs analyzing recycling helium emission in front of a poloidal limiter
  14. TJ-II:Measurements of radial correlation length and tilting of turbulent eddies by Radial Correlation Doppler Reflectometry
  15. TJ-II:NBI contribution to plasma fuelling
  16. TJ-II:PelletFuelling
  17. TJ-II:Potential asymmetries at low magnetic field
  18. TJ-II:Radial electric field of low-magnetic-field low-collisionality NBI plasmas
  19. TJ-II:Role of isotope effect on biasing induced transitions in the TJ-II stellarator
  20. TJ-II:Search for physical mechanisms that lead to increase of turbulence following pellet injection

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