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Nationally funded projects of the Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión.

LNF - Nationally funded projects

  1. LNF:Iones ligeros y radiación en materiales para fusión (IONFUS V)
  2. LNF:L2HPED Estudio de Transiciones L-H y Pedestal en Modo H en Tokamaks
  3. LNF:Fuelling and Impurity Control Studies in the stellarators TJ-II and W7-X using Cryogenic Pellets and Tracer-Encapsulated Solid Pellets (TESPEL)
  4. LNF: Exploration of novel (anti) corrosion and permeation barriers (EXCORPION)
  5. LNF: Fusion LiqUid meTals HYdrogen ExtRaction (Fusion LUTHYER)
  6. LNF: Additive manufacturing of Copper alloys for the development of new Clean Energies (AFCE)
  7. LNF:Estudio experimental de flujos, turbulencia y modos MHD, y su impacto en confinamiento en los stellarators TJ-II y W7-X
  8. LNF:Development of critical diagnostics for the operation of the IFMIF-DONES Lithium target (DONES-LIDIA)

Instructions to add a new project to the list

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