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The EIRENE neutral gas transport code (...) resorts to a combinatorial discretisation of general 3 dimensional computational domains. It is a multi-species code solving simultaneously a system of time dependent (optional) or stationary (default) linear kinetic transport equations of almost arbitrary complexity. A crude model for transport of ionized particles along magnetic field lines is also included. EIRENE is coupled to external databases for atomic and molecular data and for surface reflection data, and it calls various user supplied routines, e.g. for exchange of data with other (fluid-) transport codes. The main goal of code development was to provide a tool to investigate neutral gas transport in magnetically confined plasmas. But, due to its flexibility, it also can be used to solve more general linear kinetic transport equations, by applying a stochastic rather than a numerical or analytical method of solution. In particular, options are retained to reduce the model equations to the theoretically important case of the one speed transport problem. Major applications of EIRENE are in connection with plasma fluid codes, in particular with the various versions of the B2 code. The semi-implicit iterative coupling method of B2- EIRENE and it’s implementation (code segment: EIRCOP) are also described. (Extracted from The Eirene Code User Manual).

Extensive documentation about the code can be found in the EIRENE Code EIRENE home page, including the manual and reports on its coupling to transport codes.