Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions

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  • Plasma facing materials, coatings & conditioning techniques
  • Erosion and Deposition
  • Plasma fuelling, recycling and tritium inventory
  • Plasma surface interactions in future fusion devices
  • Plasma edge diagnostics
  • Plasma boundary physics
  • Plasma properties near surfaces
  • Plasma impurities, their transport & control
  • Control of the plasma boundary, e.g. by divertors, pumping and biasing

List of conferences

Conference Publication
1st PSI (1974): Argonne National Laboratory, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 53
2nd PSI (1976): San Francisco, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 63
3rd PSI (1978): Culham, UK J. Nucl. Mat. 76-77
4th PSI (1980): Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany J. Nucl. Mat. 93-94
5th PSI (1982): Gatlinburg J. Nucl. Mat. 111-112
6th PSI (1984): Nagoya, Japan J. Nucl. Mat. 128-129
7th PSI (1986): Princeton, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 145-147
8th PSI (1988): Jülich, Germany J. Nucl. Mat. 162-164
9th PSI (1990): Bournemouth, UK J. Nucl. Mat. 176-177
10th PSI (1992): Monterey, California, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 196-198
11th PSI (1994): Mito, Japan J. Nucl. Mat. 220-222
12th PSI (1996): Saint-Raphael, France J. Nucl. Mat. 241-243
13th PSI (1998): San Diego, California, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 266-269
14th PSI (2000): Rosenheim, Germany J. Nucl. Mat. 290-293
15th PSI (2002): Gifu, Japan J. Nucl. Mat. 313-316
16th PSI (2004): Portland, Maine, USA J. Nucl. Mat. 337-339
17th PSI (2006): Hefei, China J. Nucl. Mat. 363-365
18th PSI (2008): Toledo, Spain J. Nucl. Mat. 390-391
19th PSI (2010): San Diego, USA J. Nucl. Mat. S415
20th PSI (2012): Aachen, Germany J. Nucl. Mat. S438
21st PSI (2014): Kanazawa, Japan J. Nucl. Mat. 463
22nd PSI (2016): Rome, Italy Nucl. Mat. En. 12
23rd PSI (2018): Princeton, NJ, USA Nucl. Mat. En. 20
24th PSI (2020): Jeju, Korea[1] Nucl. Mat. En. 26
25th PSI (2022): Jeju, Korea Nucl. Mat. En. 34
26th PSI (2024): Marseille, France


  1. The 2020 PSI Conference was postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus crisis and was celebrated as a virtual conference.