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Intended purpose

Knowledge base

Due to the enormous proliferation of activities in the field of fusion and plasma physics, it has been considered useful to develop a general repository of information about, e.g.:

Referral to top work

These items should have an entry with a brief description and references to external websites or literature. This should allow specialists and students to obtain a quick overview of the main issues and primary publications on any topic.

Obviously, there is a parallel with review articles in specialist literature, the difference being that a wiki is dynamic, allowing continuous updates to include the latest work.

Research tool

The wiki should not only contain established knowledge, also controversial topics are welcomed. Note that the wiki contains mechanisms to discuss and clarify such controversies (the discussion/talk pages). Thus, the wiki has the potential to become a useful research tool.

Target audience

  • Specialists and students in the fusion field
  • Colleagues working in other but related fields
  • The general public and the press (clearly not a prime target of this wiki)


The FusionWiki is:

  • A thematic wiki for Fusion-related information. The objective is to compile specialist information that does not easily fit in the generalist framework of the Wikipedia.
  • A collective project. Contributions by members of the Fusion community can help making this wiki into a reference for specialist Fusion-related information.

The FusionWiki is not:

  • A competitor of the Wikipedia. Do not include generalist information (for the general public) here, but in the Wikipedia. Do not copy articles from the Wikipedia here. Do include links to Wikipedia articles.
  • A private wiki. Anyone is invited to participate.

How to help

If a fusion-related topic of interest to you is not included in the wiki, please add a corresponding page, even if only very short. Other people may then follow up on this and expand the page. As demonstrated by the Wikipedia, this collective approach to knowledge and content generation may lead to very high quality results.

To find out whether a topic is included in the wiki, use the 'search' box or consult the list of all pages.

Please refer to the help section for information on how to add content.