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Adding content

To add content, first

Signing up for a user account

To edit or modify text, and to upload material (images, files) you need a user account. You are kindly invited to help improve this site; constructive contributions are always welcomed!

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Modifying an existing page

Log in, then simply click on 'edit' and enter your modifications on any page. More detailed information on editing and formatting is available below (help sources) - even so, Wiki formatting is extremely simple and you can start editing immediately, without reading any manuals.

Creating a new page

There are two basic ways of creating a new page:

  • Include a link to a non-existing page on an existing page, like this: [[New page title]]. After saving your changes, this link will show as a 'red link': New page title. Clicking on the red link will automatically create the corresponding new page (disabled in this example). This method of page creation is preferred, as it guarantees that the new page is referred to from an existing page.
  • Type the title of the new page in the search box and click 'Search'. If the page is not found, the search results include an option to create a page with that title (shown as a 'red link').

Do not hesitate to include short or incomplete entries. Other users will correct and expand them.

Do not worry about making mistakes or not knowing formats or style requirements. Everything can be corrected or undone if needed; it is impossible to 'break' anything.

Commenting and discussing

Each content page has a corresponding discussion page (click on the 'discussion' tab at the top of the page). If you have doubts, comments, or suggestions for the page, please use the discussion page. By using the discussion page, it is hoped that controversies may be settled or at least clarified before modifying the corresponding main page.

Basic help sources

Regarding the general philosophy of a wiki, mostly also applicable to this FusionWiki, see: Wikipedia:Five pillars.

Editing recommendations

Mathematical expressions

Scientific references

  • References are inserted into the text (not at the bottom of the page), between <ref>...</ref> tags. At the bottom of the page, only the <references /> tag should appear, which is where the references will be shown. References are numbered automatically.
  • More information: Use of the reference tag for inline citations
  • When referencing scientific journals, use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is recommended. The following format can be used:
    Authors, Title, [[doi:<DOI>|<citation>]]
    where <DOI> is the DOI code and <citation> the traditional citation text (Journal, Volume (Year) Page). The generated page will display the traditional citation, which will be linked to the appropriate DOI.
  • When citing book sources, use of the ISBN is recommended. The following format can be used:
    <citation> {{ISBN|<ISBN>}}
    where <citation> is the traditional citation text (Authors, Title, Publisher (Year)) and <ISBN> is the ISBN code.
  • General information on referencing
  • Journal abbreviations in citations are standardized. Consult the LTWA.

File formats

The wiki accepts the following standard file formats:

Small movies (e.g., in the avi format) should be converted to gif, using e.g. ImageMagick, before being uploaded here. Big movies are best stored on an external site (such as YouTube).

Advanced topics

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.